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Thomas Cramp impresses selectors and earns a ticket to Lima Peru Championships

The effort of hard training, sticking to the plan, being focussed, and good competition results by ACT’s Thomas Cramp has been recognised by National JA Selectors. Thomas’s proven record of recent months has given him the opportunity to represent Australia at the 2022 Cadet and Junior Pan-American–Oceania Championships, to be held from 9 - 11 April 2022 in Lima, Peru.

Thomas Cramp has transitioned well into his new weight class of 73kg and has been on fire securing convincing wins in the Cadets at the recent 2022 Canberra International and 2022 Sydney International. Thomas further reinforced his positioning in the 73kg division by taking gold in the Junior Mens, in the Sydney International.

Thomas from a distance appears to have two characters, Thomas off the mat, is, quiet, unassuming, a little introverted, mild mannered and respectful but when he steps on the mat, his demeanour changes, becoming more confident, more at ease, with the commitment and urgency of quick and strong ippons mainly from powerful seionage attacks.

When asked about his selection on the Cadet and Junior Pan-American–Oceania Championships 2022 Australian Team, Thomas answered quietly stating that he is stocked to be representing Australia and wants to do his best and make his family proud. Beyond Thomas’s passion to succeed and do his best, it is clear that the driving motivational force of his dad Ben Cramp, a former National Champion, will keep him on course towards this longer-term judo goals.

Go Thomas!


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