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2023 Canberra International Open Wrap Up

It was an exciting judo weekend at the 2023 Canberra International Open, held at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Combat Centre from 17-19 February with athletes from across the country and in many categories competing.

Day 1 – Friday 17 February

Day 1 of the Canberra International Open on 17 February, brought an excellent display of technique and spirit. The Veterans Men's competition featured great bouts of tenacity and spirit, with competitors delivering spectacular throws including many displays of ura-nage.

The first Kata competition of 2023 was hosted here with a strong field displaying high-quality demonstration of Judo Kata Forms. The results included two gold medals based on points to the following pairs:

  • Ju no Kata: GOLD Medal - Bernhard and Bianca Tandean

  • Katame no Kata: GOLD Medal - Bernhard and Bjorn Tandean

A larger field of Kata competitors are expected at next week’s Sydney International Open on 25 February at the Quay Centre, Sydney Olympic Park from 5:00pm.

Day 2 – Saturday 18 February

Day 2 provided an exciting display of judo, with many athletes across the Junior, Cadet, and Senior Men's categories. They all displayed great courage and determination throughout the day. The most popular of techniques consisted of koshi waza, with many stunning displays of uchi mata and harai goshi.

Day 3 – Sunday 19 February

Great courage, spirit and technique was displayed across the board amongst the younger divisions and female cadets, junior women, and senior women. Congratulations to all our winners and contestants!

A massive thanks to our team of volunteers and the referees for making this all possible. See you next year!