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Corona Covid19 update - Working Together

What we are currently witnessing is un-precented. Normally, this time of year is one of our busiest with preparations for the Nationals. Instead, most are confined at home with limited opportunities to train. The virus has impacted Judo from grassroots to our more competitive levels, and its effects are significant and will be felt for some time.

JUDO ACT is closely monitoring the ever evolving situation and working closely with key stakeholders to navigate through these difficult times.

As you are aware, we have already made some hard decisions, and we expect we will need to make some more big decisions. We have stopped ACT based activities, such as State training plus other activities and our Clubs have closed. These measures are necessary and definitive actions both to ensure we remain sustainable when this virus passes and to protect our future.

We will continue to communicate with our members throughout what is expected to be long and difficult months.

At this point in time, health and well-being is the prime concern and outcome. Please keep safe and do everything that you can to help slow the spread of the Corona virus by following the social distancing advice, travel restrictions, hygiene practices and other measures in place.

When the time is right and the Corona virus has been controlled we need to re-connect when our dojo doors open to support our sport, our Clubs and each other. More about this through a later communication.

Please protect yourselves and look after each other, stay home this Easter to help save lives. Only leave for what you really need, such as exercise, work, food and care.

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