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Judo Welcomed into Sporting Schools Program from 2020

Judo Australia is pleased to announce that Judo will become the newest sport to join Sporting Schools, joining 33 other sports already involved in the Australian Government program. Judo will be offering the Judo4Kids program in Sporting Schools from Term 1, 2020. Judo4Kids is an entry level program combining fun and physical activity for children along with the learning of fundamental judo techniques, terminology and values; including friendship and respect, that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Judo4Kids is a fun and enjoyable way for children to learn Judo and benefit from the various social, physical and mental benefits that this great Olympic sport can provide. Judo has a strong moral culture that can enrich children’s lives from the mat to their everyday life. Each program lesson involves the participants learning various judo terminology in the Japanese language and judo techniques and skills through integrated game play. The program is designed to provide children of all abilities the opportunity to have a successful first experience of Judo in the school environment.

The program can easily be delivered by teachers and coaches alike, with the support of a teaching guide that helps deliverers adjust the program to suit the various age and skill levels of all participating students.

If your school is interested in delivering Judo4Kids in 2020, register and apply for Sporting Schools funding here. Applications open Monday 11th November 2019!

For more information on Judo4Kids please contact Judo Australia via email at

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